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Introduce Yourself Here!

Posted by Taylor 7 years ago

Posted 7 years ago

Hi is nice to meet you all, my name is kind of difficult to pronounce so I did change it by my nick name, "Nina" I been listening to Japanese since I was 14...I guess? But before, got interested on it when had an exchange student in my school...though, she never spoke too much, really liked all what she told us of her country and culture.

Tried to take the embassy opportunity to learn Japanese, but was given in the night and very away from home -_- Not to mention that I'd a class at that hour...and then for some reason and when finally were able just stopped.

So eagerly, did search around the web, was a huge odisea because did found from boring to overwhelming and other inconprehensible, then by mere serendipity did found this site and  finally here you got me ^_~*


Posted 7 years ago


i'm Lendy, 15 y.o and really want to master Japanese :)


Posted 7 years ago

Minna-san konnichiwa!

My name is Ian and I am an anime fan. I hope to learn Japanese not only as a hobby but to talk to others in Japanese.


Posted 7 years ago

Minna-San Hajimemashite. Watashi Wa XZero to imasu. I just started learning Nihongo recently and I hope to have fun learning it. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu :)


Posted 7 years ago

Hello everyone!! I'm The Yondaime Hokage-sama :3 I know English, French, and a bit of Spanish. I'm interested in learning Japanese because I love anime and want to know A LOT of languages. I'm currently in school and will be 16 sooner or later. Nice to meet everyone and let's have fun together ^^


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Posted 7 years ago

Hajimashite.Annie desu.Malaysia-jin desu. I'm still new in japanese language. Nice to meet you all =)


Posted 7 years ago

Hi there, My name is Alix though on here I'm called Riy.

I'm 22 and from the UK, I've been self teaching Japanese for nearly 2 years now.
 Before joining here I learnt around 2100 Kanji and planning to soon go up to 3000, and thanks to this website and another I have learnt a lot of grammar and sentence structure!

I'm fascinated by Japan and it's culture and language which is why I decided to learn it! I would love to meet other people who are also learning and who can also help with my learning! (:


Posted 7 years ago


Hii everyone, I don't know if I typed everything right, but I really want to learn Japanese, 'cause I love Asian languages, so I'm really looking forward to it. So がんばって to all of us. :)


Posted 7 years ago

こんにちわ 皆さん 始めまして