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Introduce Yourself Here!

Posted by Taylor 7 years ago
aoi ai

Posted 7 years ago

hey guys ^^

i joined because of the friendly UI and the spaced repitition based drills.. thank you nihongomaster team for providing this to us ^^

Nihon Scope

Posted 7 years ago

Are their Kya Kyu Kyo etc etc lessons on here I'm not seeing any yet? Or am I just being impatient?


Posted 7 years ago



Posted 7 years ago

Good day everyone!


I started to learn Japanese through self studying last year and it is only recent when I enrolled in a Japanese class. 

I hope to meet people here and to help each other in learning the language. :) 



Posted 7 years ago

Hello everyone!
My name is Saga, and I studied japanese about.. 4 years ago? However, due to a lot of absence in school I never completed the course..
Now I'm taking it up again on my own!
I watch a lot of japanese series and movies, as well as listen to some music.. I love the language, and would like to be able to understand it myself (subtitle-hunting can be a real pain).


Posted 7 years ago

Hi there everyone!

I am Ryno, 26 years old and from South Africa.

I've been learning japanese on and off for quite a while now, but since I found this site i'm really into it now. I practive every day now :D

I'm learning Japanese so I can one day watch anime without subtitles and play Japanese RPGs =)



Posted 7 years ago

Rouillie des. Hajajismashiete! I'm from the US. I've lived around. In recent years, I've called Hawaii and Alaska home. I adore Asia, with a special fondness for Japan, and things Japanese. I'm tired of being a perpetual beginner and want to be a nihongo master. I know Kana, and a few Kanji, but I need a big refresher course!

I'm also a university student, mother and grandmother (guess I'll be joining the old folks group, with pleasure ^:^), practicing Muslimah and a born and bred all American gal. It's my intent to move to Japan to teach and, insha'Allah (god willing), remarry.

I love meeting new people, the more diverse the more there is to learn! I'm also in the process of learning serveral other Asian languages, to include, but not limited too: Korean, Vietnamese, Malay, Indonesia, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Mary Angelus

Posted 7 years ago

Hello everyone! I'am Mary Angelus from Philippines, I'am 14. I have a japanese friends that's why I like to learn. I find it hard learning, but it's fun at the same time. Can someone teach me some techniques? hehe it's okay if anybody don't want. 


Posted 7 years ago

Hi everyone! My name is Sharon, a Singaporean Chinese turning 20 this year!

I started watching anime quite some time back and from there I started to understand what the characters are saying. Recently, I've bcome more and more interested in the Japanese culture and I also, I want to read Saiunkoku monogatari whixh is only available in Japanese.

I'm really thankful for this website, allowing me to learn to read and write Japanese with detailed explainations. My only problem now is learning Kanji. I know how to read some of them but in Chinese pronounciation...only able to read some cos my chinese sucks.


Posted 7 years ago


Ninongo Master は面白くって 勉強になるです。

僕1989年から日本語を勉強したんけど、今年の夏にJLPT 2を受けて見ようと思うて。