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Introduce Yourself Here!

Posted by Taylor 7 years ago

Posted 7 years ago

Hi everyone! I'm Surfinupcali! I want to learn Japanese because in five short months I am moving to Tokyo to teach English! ^^ I have been to Japan twice (a total of 14 weeks) but living there will be totally different! I will do my best to learn this beautiful language!!


Posted 7 years ago

Hajimemashite! Watashi no namae wa Gina desu. Doozo yoroshiku onegai shimasu. 

I'm a native English speaker from the U.S. and I love learning different languages, but I prefer learning Asian languages. Japanese is the first non-english language I ever became interested in and I hope that we all learn and do well on our learning endeavors. Benkyo o shimasu yo! Ganbatte to everyone. 


Posted 7 years ago

Hajimemashite minna!

Watashi no namae wa Kate desu. :D

Juukyusai desu.

Senko wa kenchikugaku desu.

Dozou yoroshiku onegaishimasu!


Posted 6 years ago

Hello Mr. Taylor! Hello everyone! I'm Michael John from Philippines. This site made learning Japanese language easy and enjoyable. Hope to learn more from this site. Gambatte!!! :D


Posted 6 years ago

Yo, everyone. Khrisna's here, from Indonesia. Banpreiomaster is my pen name.

Thanks to my friend I find this web, and the first impression of this web is... awesome, me gusta mucho lol

I've learnt Japanese by myself without taking any course, thanks to anime, manga, and game; and now... 10 years passed, I think.

Btw, I run my own business (for now), you can take a look here

If you have some interest, don't hesitate to contact me. 

Hope we can learn together here. Nice to meet you all \(^o^)/


Posted 6 years ago

Howdy everyone my name is bobby and i'm from the east coast of the united states in the suburbs of philadelphia. I work as a sous chef at a german club lol and in my free time i enjoy writing and preforming music in all of it's genre's. I don't know what influenced my decision to learn japanese perhaps it was all the great movies, the amazing food, the art, Mannerisms and the way the language is expressed. Learning japanese has been the most rewarding experience i have had while learning another language, and i hope to be able to practice speaking japanese with everyone on here. Sayonara!  


Posted 6 years ago

Hi everyone, I came upon this website as I am reviewing for my upcoming exam...I will start my life as a student in Japan by July. This website is great. It helped me refresh my knowledge with japanese. Although I am not really good in Japanese I am doing my best to be good at it.


By the way, I am Doni and nice to meet you all.


If anyone here is studying in Japan, it would be great if we could share experiences and tips on how to get better!


Posted 6 years ago

Hello everyone ! my pen name is " irisflower " I'm from egypt . I just started learning Japanese language and I am very happy I found " nihongomaster " , please take care of me as I'm just a beginner .I will do my best to learn this wonderful language !



















Posted 6 years ago

Hi I am my name is Hannah and i'm from the Philippines.^___^ I am 18 years old. Studying Multimedia Arts. My aim is to master japanese language hohohohoho. Nice meeting you all.


Posted 6 years ago









hi everyone , my name is kamal , will thats not my true name , thats the name that i use it inside the internet , will .

i am from yemen , i am 23 old .

why i am study the japanese language is because its special , the reading and the writing and speeck way all are special , more then that , its the hardest language in the earth , i want to learn that difficult language and complete it all .
and i want to go to japan , i want to live inside that peace country , i hate my country , it always had a war , and there is no work , when you live always inside this country you feel that you are not human , i don't want to feel thats again , thats why i learn the japanese language , to run from that hell .
inside this country there is no one can speeck japanese language , and there isn't any school for learning the japanese language , thats way i study it by my self , and thats way my language is look a little strange , will , thats all about me , i hope we will be allright togather .